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Guide for UIKeyboardLayoutGuide

A common task making app layout is keyboard avoidance. Since iOS 14.0 it works automatically for SwiftUI views. What's about old, but good UIKit? Previously we used keyboard notifications, checked keyboard height, and updated related constraints. iOS 15 introduces a new layout guide — UIKeyboardLayoutGuide. It's super intuitive if you're familiar with other guides like safeAreaLayoutGuide and readableContentGuide. Let's try to use it in a simple example — we have a login screen with text fields and a login button pinned to the bottom.

AsyncImage. Loading images in SwiftUI

Note: Examples are tested on iOS 15.0 with Xcode 13.0 beta (13A5154h).

Bluetooth and SwiftUI. Developing app for RGB stripe control

Last year I bought BEKANT desk. It looks minimalistic and... boring, so I wanted to add some RGB lightning. I chose a cheap no-name RGB stripe with a controller that works with IR and Bluetooth as well. The seller recommends using HappyLighting app. It works well enough, supports default styles like pulsating and strobe effects, syncs with music and surround sound. But the interface is a bit strange:

Implementing custom popups in SwiftUI

Two months ago my friend @iamnalimov and I published jstnmbr app on ProductHunt. The idea of the app is very simple — count everything: books, push-ups, glasses of water. Of course, I choose SwiftUI for implementation. In this article, I want to highlight the key moments of implementing custom popups. It won't be in the tutorial format, we'll add a specific layout, but I hope it helps you in using overlays, geometry readers, and modifiers in your projects. If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve it, ping me on Twitter.

Using result builders for action sheets in SwiftUI

One of the key features of SwiftUI is a declarative syntax for layout. It is available thanks to result builders, previously called function builders. With result builders, we can implicitly build up a final value from a sequence of components. The final revision of this feature is released in Swift 5.4, and Xcode 12.5 suggests code completions and fix-its for it. I guess it's a good sign for exploring it and making action sheets more declarative!

Working with web content offline in SwiftUI apps

I continue developing an app for saving and reading articles. In my previous post, I covered interesting cases of using sheets in SwiftUI. Now I want to describe my journey with offline mode.

Sheet happens. Working with modal views in SwiftUI

Developing pet projects is one of the best ways to learn new things. Since SwiftUI 1.0 I've been writing an app for saving and reading articles. I rewrote it twice from scratch, added and removed features based on my user experience, used new APIs, etc.

Developing Xcode Extensions. Tips and tricks

You all see these beautiful code screenshots on Twitter. I often use Carbon for my tweets, but Raycast team released that looks prettier and has options for customization via query parameters. I decided to write an Xcode Source Extension for it. Here is my journey, enjoy the reading!

Custom @Environment value for share actions

SwiftUI has a lot of modern and useful features. One of my favourite is @Environment property wrapper. It allows you to get system-wide settings, for instance, current locale or color scheme. Since iOS 14.0 you can useopenURL value to open URLs from apps easily.

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